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Is automation(e.g. bots) good or bad for us? Why?

Janpha Thadphoothon
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Read the article titled :

Here's why automation of jobs is very bad news for millennial workers

Link Are Here.

Then express your view on the issue - Is automation(e.g. bots)  good or bad for us? Why?

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@admin I think it can be both. I mean it can be good for companies or who start their own business because it can save money for hiring staff. It can also be bad for workers or someone who's looking for job because it will be hard for them to find job.

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I think there are good and bad.

In business (Good) 

- it can help us answers the question of customers and we can do business by myself. 

In business (Bad)

- The worker will be unemployed.

Gunjana Chawhuaymark
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In my opinion, bot are good for own business or company because it helps them about responding the question of the customer. It’s save time and making customer good impression in their  band. However, bot are bad for the employees or new graduates because the company wants to cut the coast by reducing the number of people working for it. They choose bot to work instead the human. 

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In my opinion, I think bot are good to businesses as well as individuals. When you search for a website or phrases related to a website's products or service, you get relevant results listed in the search results page. It meant to facilitate customer relationships and conversational marketing, are the next big thing in the world of business-facing AI.

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