Workshops in Nepal on 28 December 2022

Theme: Technology-Supported Language Instruction (TSLI)

The three workshops that we have planned are under the same theme: the use of information technology to support the teaching and learning of foreign languages.

1.  The first session (2 hours) Asst . Prof. Dr Yongyuth Khamkhong- Haiku and other Poems for Students – Blended Writing Class

2. The 2nd session Lattapol Sae Aue (2 Hours)– Digital Tools for English Teachers- Cloud Platform, Database, Mobile Technology- AI & ML Overview

3. The 3rd Session (2 Hours) // afternoon Asst Prof Dr Janpha Thadphoothon (2 Hours)- Digital Literacy for English Teachers- Useful Applications (Google Forms, Blogs, and Sites)

1. Asst. Prof Dr. Janpha Thadphoothon

  • Digital Storytelling: Tools and Techniques
  • Telling stories using Google Forms and AI chatbots
  • How to create stories for English classrooms

About the workshop: Using GF to Write Short Novels

The 2-hour workshop aims to develop the participants’ digital story-telling knowledge and skills. Google Forms will be used to help construct scaffolds for students to create short and simple novels.

2. Asst. Prof Dr. Yongyuth Khamkhong

Haiku and other poems for students–blended writing class
Asst. Prof. Dr. Yongyut Khamkhong
Phranakhon Rajabhat University, Bangkok

Teaching writing skills in the local language is difficult by nature because writing requires the learners’ well-rounded knowledge from time-proved vast reading and high imagination. As an English teacher in Thailand, it is almost the ‘mission impossible’ for me to lead my students to the higher level needed. I experimented bringing Haiku to the online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the first aim of entertaining them in English, and saw some positive feedback and some changes in their attitude towards my writing class. This encouraged me more to bring in more Japanese poems to class with the same hope that it might bring a miracle as well. At this moment, my little experiments are still going on but I can’t stop myself to share with you our classes’ enthusiasm in English writing.

3. Lattapol Sae Aue

Digital Tools for English Teachers

ICT Specialist, Android, and iOS Developer
  • This workshop addresses the topics necessary for language teachers: Cloud Platforms, Databases, and Mobile Technology. The topics related to AI & ML will also be covered.
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