A Short Story – “The Fake Call”

The Fake Call

The cell phone rang. It was not the right time. Kingkan was busy explaining the science experiments to her students. The students were hooked and excited to learn from the experiment. Kingkan, a Chemistry teacher, had to come out of the laboratory. to answer the phone. She wondered who it was.

Outside the room, Kingkan, was a bit annoyed. She asked, “Who are you? Why are you calling me now? I’m not available to talk to you.”

Kingkan’s voice revealed that she was a bit annoyed. The other end was a male voice. He said, “My name is Pallop and I am a police officer.

The man said that he called from a police station in Don Mueang district in Bangkok. The man called Pallop said that someone had brought a parcel box to the police station. “Written in front of the box is your name and address.” The man said in a serious tone.

He continued, “When I opened the box, inside the box, there was an account book in your name. There is a balance in the account of 5 million baht.”

The teacher was quiet, She began to feel uneasy about the phone call.

“ We have checked and found that the bank has transferred money into the wrong account. Therefore, we will ask you to bring your bankbook number with the code to withdraw the money at the ATM. We will tell you how to refund the excess in the account from your account book.”

He added, “by the way, we will not condone you.”

Kingkan listened and stood confused as a chicken with a broken eye. She was trying to think carefully about the whole story.

Suddenly, she was thinking about the Call Center gang that tricked people into withdrawing their own money at the ATM machines. She immediately hung up the phone in order to continue teaching the students.

After a while, the same phone sound came in again. Kingkan was annoyed and worried about the sound she heard. Because the tone of speech bean to speak in a harsh voice and threaten to blame the action.

At that moment, Kru Duangjai, who was Kingkan’s close friend walked past and saw Kingkan at the science laboratory. She noticed that Kingkan’s expression was not very good. Her eyes flashed with great concern after answering the phone. Duangjai, as a good friend, anxiously asked Kingkarn,

“What is happening to you? Are your parents in the provinces sick?”

Kingkan gathered up the courage and concentrated on telling her friend. She told  Duangjai the whole story. After listening to the whole story, Duangjai told Kingkan to turn off her mobile phone and immediately reported the incident to the police station near the school.

“I am sure you have been targeted and rampaged by the Call Center gangs.”

At the police station, A police lieutenant on duty told Kingkan not to panic.

“Teacher, don’t be afraid of that phone ringing. Tell whoever is on the phone to come to me I’ll wait for the money to be transferred to the hotel.

The police officer told Kingkan that recently the Call Center gangs often call and trick people, the same style as happening to her. Upon hearing that, Kingman felt relieved.

Back to school, Duangjai came and talked to Kingkarn. “Everything is alright?” She asked.

“Yes, I have been helped. In fact, I know who they are now.”

Kingman thanked her friend.

A few minutes later, the phone rang again. It was from the same gang. This time it was a different story.

After listening to the story, Kingkarn smiled and replied, “Oh really? By the way, I am kind of busy. I have to go back to teach the students in the afternoon.

She told the caller to get lost.

“You are really wasting my time, so unkind, you bastards.”

That was the last call she received about the whole saga.

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