Prerequisites – Necessary for life and work

From a dictionary, one will find out that a prerequisite refers to ‘a thing that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist.’ For example, ‘Being a paid member is not a prerequisite for joining the club.’

In life, there are things or challenges we have to overcome or experience before we can reach or move on to the next level or stage. For example, to get a good job, you may need to get good education and pass the examination with flying colors. To go to the Olympics, you need to be the local champion first.

Observing nature, one may feel that many things are moving in certain orders. To be healthy, you need to exercise and eat healthy food. To grow good crops, one needs to prepare fertile soil and fertilizers and water. In short, there are things to be done before one can get what one wants.

To become a famous singer or successful entrepreneur, one needs to pass several challenges or tests. Nothing comes easy.

To drink good coffee, you may need to do some other things first.

To get rich, one needs to work hard and earn respect and money will follow. If you are in a hurry and do not know how to wait and are not capable of waiting, you will fail. Maybe, time is another prerequisite.

Maturity is real. Our hormones and neural networks require time to mature. There are seasons in life and in nature.

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