How to cite a YouTube video in the APA Style

How to cite a YouTube video in the APA Style

Most people watch YouTube videos and they enjoy them very much. Many YouTube videos provide reliable sources of data and information that are unique and do not available elsewhere.

It’s a good idea to learn how to cite them. To cite a YouTube video, it is so simple.

Here is how to do it. You simply include the video title (italicized), the channel or creator that uploaded it, the upload date, and, finally, a link to the video, which you can get it directly from the link provided by YouTube.



Uploader. (Year, Month day). Title of the video [Video file]. Retrieved from url.

Real example is here:

Dialogflow. (2018, May 25). Dialogflow Dialog Control: Shape the flow of your conversation [Basics 3/3] [Video file].
Retrieved from

In-text citation (Dialogflow, 2018)

According to Dialogflow (2018), there are two types of conversation - linear and non-linear.

You can see that it is simple. Let’s do it more often.

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