Time and Tide

There is a particular saying we all agree to be true, almost like a cliche, for some, that is, “Time and tide wait for no man”. If anything, the saying reminds us to start doing things we keep postponing, and to appreciate the certain amount of time we all have in the world. It defines the true essence of mankind, of what it is like to be mortal.

Often times, we throw AWAY OPPORTUNITIES IN LIFE, and waste time. We keep putting off deadlines and ignoring this limitation of time and the uncertainties of things. We, many a time, regret it afterwards .

When a river flows down the gulf , it rarely flows back to the mountain. Time is all the same. Life is just like that; it moves toward the future. The constraint of time makes life worth living. Life would be less beautiful if we are all immortal.

Realizing the constraint of time and the uncertainty of life we should spend our lives prudently and stay healthy. For me, I enjoy the moment when the sun is rising above the hill or the mountain range, sipping coffee and thinking about the wonderful nature and the place we are in the universe.

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