Working from home -Easier said than done

Due to the 2020 pandemic (COVID-19 Disease ), most employees are required to work from home. This implies the use of digital technologies like notebook computers and software applications.

WFH (Working from home) requires goal setting and discipline.

However, WFH is not an easy task. You need to set your own goals and follow the routine steps and ‘rituals’. Besides, it is easier to wok in the office, you have air-conditioned rooms. WFH, sometimes, you have to work in the garden.

This is something new for not only employers, but also employees. I guess, it’s new for everybody. Every day is a new learning experience for all of us.

WFH requires that you know what you are doing, including your goals. Say, for example, you have set a goal to finish writing up the first draft of your paper. By 9 PM, you should get it done. It is you who is your own boss. You need to be able to work independently with accountability.

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