Three Ways to Innovations

Innovation is a magic word. Innovation is more than just creating things or artifacts. It is something new and useful, which usually is what everybody wants. How to create an innovation is not always a direct path. There are at least three ways we can come up with anything innovative.

Lipman (2003) posits three interrelated thinking – caring, critical, and creative thinking. he said that they are related. I agree with him and take the model a step further, proposing that the three approaches are necessary for innovations. Innovation can be approached through our compassion – we care about the well-being of the disabled, so we come up with new machines to help them learn and live better, which is the first way to create an innovation.

The second approach is through creative thinking. Imagination sometimes is necessary to come up with something new.

There are at least two ways to do innovations: (1) talking about them and some are saying or staging a theater about their innovations, and (2) doing them. The later tales time and energy and investment.

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