A Journey, Life and Experience

“Life is a journey” – may sound ordinary and  a bit like a cliche for many, but the saying itself is true to its core against criticisms and accusations of.being somewhat mundane. Life is full of trips and journeys, ups and downs,  relation and depression, happiness and bewilderment, twists and turns, and uncertainties.

First of all, you need to begin. Make it happen by yourself. Remember what Lao Tzu has said?

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Taking a journey is easy if you make it so.  If you can’t afford a plane, take a train. If you can’t take a car, take public transportation or slow trains. In short, take whatever forms most suitable for you. Walking is one of them,

I, once, was told a story of a Thai man travelling in and around Thailand with his old bicycle. He is not even an important or well-known person, just an ordinary bloke, who dared following his dream and passion. There was a story of a guy from India who was on his bicycle to Europe to find his true love. The story captures our dream and imagination. I guess everybody desires to make a journey of his or her life.

Life is a journey.
It is what you make of it
Go and see the world

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