On this page, you will find three groups of words or phrases: (1) TOEIC, (2) TOEFL, and (3) IELTS.

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TOEIC Vocabulary

Are you looking for ways to improve your TOEIC score? This page aims to help you learn TOEIC words and phrases. Below is our database of TOEIC words/phrases for you to learn. You simply make a simple search for the word you want to know, e.g. ab, ce, or he, (must be two letters), and the system will make a list of the words for you. Easy isn’t it?

This is our TOEIC database.

Please be warned that the words/phrases on this page are the result of the syntactic analysis of the pages on ETS website. The aim is to familiarize test takers with TOEIC words – the language expected to encounter.

Asset is one of the TOEIC words that you should know.

The phrases listed below are analyzed from the ETS website ( This is an official website of the TOEIC test. If you visit the site, you will have access to thousands of documents useful for you to get ready for the test.

Some Useful TOEIC Words

near the wheelbarrow (adverb phrase)

Planting a tree (Noun phrase)

The charger purchased from the Internet (NP)

The client meeting (Noun Phrase)

indicate (v.) e.g. to indicate is to show or tell

Customer reviews indicate that many modern mobile devices are often
unnecessarily complicated. (Source:

performance (n.) to perform (v.) = your performance is your doing of something, your ability

Jamal Nawzad has received top performance reviews since he joined the
sales department two years ago. (Source:


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TOEFL Vocabulary

Here are some.

Distinguish (v.)

Application (n.)

Reasoning (n.)

Measures (n.)

IELTS Words and Phrases

Here are some for you.

Trite (adj.)

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