Paragraph Writing 101

The aim of this page is to help you develop a sense of what a paragraph is – what it feels like to write one.

What is a paragraph?

A paragraph is “a short part of a text, consisting of at least one sentence and beginning on a new line. It usually deals with a single event, description, idea, etc.” (Cambridge)

Being able to write a good paragraph is a set of skills that every EFL learner should master.

The Five-Sentence Approach

In general, a paragraph has three parts – (1) Introduction, (2) Body, and (3) Conclusion or Summary.

Here, we can break down the body into three sentences.


There are three reasons why I love Thailand.  Firstly, Thailand has delicious food. – Secondly, Thailand is a beautiful country. – Thirdly, Thai people are friendly. I am happy living in Thailand.

Watch the video – How to Do It

Title of Your Paragraph

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