Panya-Asrom – Pavilion of Wisdom

Panya-Asom (ปัญญาอาศรม) or The Pavilion of Wisdom

This is an intellectual (and not so intellectual) site cum forum – both a website and a forum, for philosophers, thinkers, and individuals, including students. The ‘space’ provides us amazing opportunities to share what we know and learn what we want to know from each other.

The Pavilion of Wisdom or Panya Asom is a forum of intellectual discussions.

I would like to create an online forum for intellectual discussions and I would like to call it Panya-Asom (The Pavilion of Wisdom). I named my small pavilion after an idea suggested by one of my best friends, whose name I would like to withhold. Many times, we had a discussion on ideas and dreams.

An open forum on ideas and things that matter.

Ideas conveyed though words, pictures, or objects, regardless of their origins, matter for us humans.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is for sharing.

Great minds think alike.

The man, an artist, who created me the sign Panya-Asom was having a good time with his mates in front of his shop. It was 3.30 PM on a Saturday evening. He told me it was real teak wood.

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