Pokhara CW Workshops

Creative writers, budding writers or seasoned alike, love nice and interesting places to spend time doing their works. CW is not a simple and easy task as it may appear to some people, it is in fact a demanding activity. You need to actively engage in it and spend a considerable amount of time doing it. Creative writing (in English) is a craft.

personally, I prefer drinking tea or good coffee while doing my CW work — writing and thinking or finding inspiration. Writing requires a great deal of time.

Writing skills require practice after practice. They also need to get together and share their works and stories. One of the joys in being a writer is getting to know other liked minds and being able to experience the world, and satisfy one’s wishes or dreams, if I may put it.

Why write? You write to teach yourself and to define it on a regular basis. When you write it down it helps to make you a more reflective person, I am sure it can.

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