Reading, Meditations, and Distractions

First and foremost, I should like to let you have this knowledge — that is that – this writing is a dash of thought, or rather, a premeditation stage of development. Any good theory or concept must began somewhere with some distractions, and those distractions may add to one’s motivation to get something done. Nowadays, with the aid of computing technologies, it certainly can be done with more convenience. Moreover, the publication or making it known to the general public is much greater than what our predecessors could do in the past.

This is exactly what this blog is all about. Reading involves distractions, a series of interruptions , you might have experienced them. certainly, if you do your writing, or rather keyboarding, you need a location, sometimes, in the middle of the bush or garden. Many bloggers prefer somewhere nice and quiet with a cup of coffee, snacks, and of course, mosquitoes or bugs.  On the plus side, if you do it in the early morning , say 4.30 a.m., you are more likely to have a chance to appreciate singing birds. Birds do love to wake up in the morning and they make sounds, pleasing ones, too.

We should welcome all sorts of distractions. Writing comes as a result of all things happening. It’s hard to disable one’s own mind from the writing equation. The greatest distraction is one’s own mind, actually. Concentration is needed to actually accomplish anything significant. Mind you that this piece, if you can it that way, is not that significant. As I mentioned n, it’s just a moment of thought.

My thesis here is this: In Reading, Meditations, and Distractions – being distracted is an essential and inseparable component of writing and meditations. Our minds, to start with, are wanderers or seekers. It’s hard to recognize the mind surrounded by feelings and emotions. Meditated individuals are constantly distracted by their own thoughts.



Figurative language is the language whose meaning needs interpretation and another layer of association.
1. Metaphors
A metaphor has become a word with mental picture. A simile stops short of entering the point of no return.
Ex. The clouds sailed (normally sailing is associated with sailboats)  across the sky.

English in the Garden

Ex. Tim is a tiger. (Tim = Tiger) – Tim has the qualities associated with tigers (animals)

Please note that metaphors are associated with cultures.
Thailand — This work is a banana for you.
England – It’s a piece of cake.
Something easy or simple


A simile is an indirect comparison. You compare A’s quality with others.

Ex. Susan is kind. She is also elegant. She looks like an angel.

Ex. Helen acts more like a man than a woman. Is she a lesbian?

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