Academic Works

Janpha Thadphoothon (Thai จันทร์พา ทัดภูธร) is a full-time lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, Dhurakij Pundit University in Bangkok, Thailand. He has been an active ELT and educational researcher. He is a strong believer in doing research as a way to improve human conditions.

His works are classified into three groups:

Group 1 – ELT

The links below will take you to his many academic works under this category.

  1. Janpha Thadphoothon – Research Gate at
  2. Janpha Thadphoothon – Google Scholar at
  3. Janpha Thadphoothon – LinkedIn at

Group 2 – Creative Writing

Janpha Thadphoothon believes in practice, not gifted or artist inborn notion of skills and abilities. Practice makes perfect.

Group 3- Education

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