The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and English Language Learning

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and English Language Learning

Janpha Thadphoothon

One lesson I have learned from my English teacher whose name I would like to withhold is to seize an opportunity to learn the language when important events happen. At present we are having the 2020 Tokyu Olympic Games and we should take opportunities to learn the language e.g. names of sports, rules, and names of the athletes, including nations and nationalities.

I have learned many new words from the event:

Equestrian – a sport with horse controlling

Marathon swimming – I am sure they are strong people.

A sport where people throw hammers.

Fencing has nothing to do with fixing your fence.

Volleyball on the beach or Beach Volleyball

News about the Olympics usually includes terminology about medals and winners.

Olympic medal count 2021

2United States24282173

Expressions like

Who won the gold medal in shooting?

Sydney McLaughlin smashes world record to win gold in women’s 400m hurdles final.

Nowicki wins men’s hammer gold as Henriksen takes silver; bronze for Fajdek

This Advice Is Very Useful.

As a matter of fact, this advice from my teacher is still a useful and practical one. As a teacher of the English language myself, now, I meet reminding myself and my students to learn the language from big events.

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