Looking back into the past

The past is another country. Looking back into the past? Okay. Yeah, I am looking through my notes. This is one way of doing so.

When I did look into those notes, I saw my past and the states of my mind. At the top of the note, on one of the cover pages, I wrote the word MOON.
The date was October 2020.

So, the notebook is special. I got it from a museum in Bangkok, when I was visiting the art museum with many students.

The aim was to see the artifacts, like paintings, sculptures, and real objects. Yeah, it was last year.

What activity? It was the one that the students, each of them, were asked to write his or her definition of art. What to you is art? is the question asked.

Now, I would read some of them to you.

One of the students said that art is life. I thought this is predictable.

And stories are conveyed to the artists imaginations.

This is quite good actually. I like it. Art is life.

Another student wrote that.

Art is what? We imagine something. It’s in our head.


We find ways to communicate. Where?

The Objects like pictures. All of the statues.

Not bad, actually. I would like to have a look at another definition by one of the students I took to the museum on that day.

This one is cool. Actually art is long but life is short.

What is the story of life? Art is beauty creativity. What is a myth? Earth is an expression of our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires.

I think I like this one, the most

So, these are some of The definitions. Of the students.

Inside these notes.

Also, my leaf actions.

You know.

And I’m looking through it.

Yeah, he’s a no one is actually a haiku.

I wrote in November, 20, 20.

One to create your mind.

Drink coffee. Go for a walk.

Listen to The Wind.

Okay, here is another one.

When winter arrives.

Birds fry. Two new locations.

Adapt and survive.

You know, I enjoy writing haiku poems.

Writing haiku.

Is a way to.

Exercise your mind. To make your mind. Creole.

I also brought about.

The Pavilion of wisdom.

Actually this is a what we call a pavilion inside my garden.

You know, in my own garden.

The Pavilion I created myself.

Okay, here’s another writing. I looked at my phone.

When it was switch off and I saw nothing. But Darkness.

I wrote this on October the 16th 2020.

Can you say another one? I wrote this one when I learn about the 2020 u.s. election. You know, Joe Biden. Won the election. He is the poem. You win some lose some

Donald Trump was beaten by Joe Biden. U.s. election.

The 8th of November, 20, 20.

I also wrote something about education because I’m a teacher.

My thought on Lee vamping Tire education.

And restoring the Ricker of Thai democracy.

You know, everything has constraints You know, it was constrained by

The form of haiku and there’s my of a Knoll, not only sell sell

I wrote it on November the 12th 2020.

You know, I also wrote many thing about happiness Like asking myself, are you happy now? And I You know, give myself three choices. Happy yes. No, not sure.

Here is another haiku. A style is nice. A crescent moon.

No Moon too.

Late October.

Winter has arrived.

And that’s all for this note. Thank you.

Today’s is, May the fourth 2021?

Jan. Tata Putin.


You know, the transition has been saved but I don’t know where I can get it.

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