The Future of Work

“The Future of Work “ is a theme of a webinar organized by a group of DPU students taking a course titled Business Discussions EL334. A webinar is an alternative to face-to-face meetings. We would like to experiment with this Zoom meeting platform – known as ‘webinar. At the same time, students are given opportunities to present their surveys.


Monday, October 26th, 2020, Time 2.30-4.00 PM (Bangkok Time)


We now stand on the edge of a new era that will bring change to our world. We have to adapt to the changing world. Our webinar addresses issues of work in the future. What skills will be required? How best should we prepare for the new challenge?


We have invited five speakers. The keynote speaker is Dr Richard Hames.

1. Richard Hames – Keynote Speaker

Pic shows Dr. Richard Hames, who introduced a program called Strategic Navigation into the ATO to replace their lethargic. 10 March 2005. The Age SMH. Pic by EDDIE JIM/ejz050310.003.002

2. Samson Leong

Mr. Samson Leong is a lecturer at IFT teaching Economics. His research interests include tourist behavior and labor productivity in the service sector.

Samson Leong, Lecturer, Institute for Tourism Studies Macau.

3. Ms Warisra Ruangtinnakorn, Norway

4. Ms Leelavadee Phirom, Denver, Coroldo, USA

5. Mr. Ryan Sarfan

6. Lattapol Sae-Aue

Assistant Managing Director
Mastertech International Co., Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand

Program – Outline of the Webinar

  1. Introduction + Opening Remark

2. Students’ Presentations – Surveys

3. Keynote Address by Dr Ricard David Hames

  • Samson Leong
  • Ryan Sarfan
  • Warisra Ruangtinnakorn
  • Leelavadee Phirom
  • Lattapol Sae-Aue

4. Panel Discussion + Qs and As

5. Closure

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