How to Train a Chatbot

Are you thinking of creating a chatbot?

A chatbot is a robot that can talk like us humans. AI enables us to create more intelligent chatbots.

A chatbot or robot is a machine that can interact with users (humans) in a natural manner. A chatbot needs to be trained. This can be done based on the principle -many ways to say the same thing. The topic can be a single NP (e.g. discipline).

There are many different syntactic structure (forms) to make an inquiry.

English-X is a chatbot powered by Dialogflow.
  • Tell me about discipline.
    • discipline
    • Tell me about discipline.
      • discipline
    • Can you look up discipline?
      • discipline
    • I need to know about discipline.
      • discipline
    • I want to know about discipline.
      • discipline
    • What is discipline?
      • discipline
    • Where can I find out about discipline?
      • Discipline

Create a chatbot intent

In a software called Dialogflow, for example, you can learn how to train chatbots. One lesson is to create a lot of intents. An intent in Dialogflow captures a single kind of request and response interaction between your chatbot and your user.

For example, the following interaction is modeled as an intent:

  • User: “Hi, I want some information about the HR manual.”

This question activates the HR manual intent.

  • Chatbot: “OK, I’d be happy to help with that. What topic are you interested in?”

In ELT, we can conceptualize an intent as a combination of intention and topic. It is more helpful to think of a chat session as a social event involving not just questions and answers.

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