How to Train a Chatbot

Are you thinking of creating a chatbot?

A chatbot is a robot that can talk like us humans. AI enables us to create more intelligent chatbots.

A chatbot or robot is a machine that can interact with users (humans) in a natural manner. A chatbot needs to be trained. This can be done based on the principle -many ways to say the same thing. The topic can be a single NP (e.g. discipline).

There are many different syntactic structure (forms) to make an inquiry.

English-X is a chatbot powered by Dialogflow.
  • Tell me about discipline.
    • discipline
    • Tell me about discipline.
      • discipline
    • Can you look up discipline?
      • discipline
    • I need to know about discipline.
      • discipline
    • I want to know about discipline.
      • discipline
    • What is discipline?
      • discipline
    • Where can I find out about discipline?
      • Discipline

Create a chatbot intent

In a software called Dialogflow, for example, you can learn how to train chatbots. One lesson is to create a lot of intents. An intent in Dialogflow captures a single kind of request and response interaction between your chatbot and your user.

For example, the following interaction is modeled as an intent:

  • User: “Hi, I want some information about the HR manual.”

This question activates the HR manual intent.

  • Chatbot: “OK, I’d be happy to help with that. What topic are you interested in?”

In ELT, we can conceptualize an intent as a combination of intention and topic. It is more helpful to think of a chat session as a social event involving not just questions and answers.

The Ontological Aspect of Nothingness – The only thing that eventually exists is not a thing?

The Ontological Aspect of Nothingness – when the only thing that eventually exists is not a thing.

Janpha Thadphoothon

Hello. This is Janpha Thadphoothon, an English teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. I am here writing an entry to my blog to share with you my thought and feelings on things that matter, I hope. Here I am in front of my laptop, trying to get something done first and share with you my thought.

There is one tiny issue I have been pondering upon for years, that is the issue of thing and concepts or ideas. This is, of course, not my own cosmic question. In fact, it has been posted and discussed over several millenniums.

The tiniest thing or matter we have been told is an atom – cannot be divided. Somehow, scientists got confused and say that there are more things tiniest than atoms. There are names I am not familiar with. Who knows, in the near future, they may discover smaller things, and the search continues. This seems endless.

Quantum theorists tell us that space is not really empty, it is full of virtual molecules. They are not a thing in our language. The concept of nothingness is related to the concept of being, an ontological issue.

Back to the point I have been discussing – the thing. The only thing that really exists is not a thing, but the story you are telling yourself.

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