An Acrostic Poem Based on Karfie’s Paws on my Keyboard

One may ask what an acrostic poem is. An acrostic poem is a poem where certain letters in each line spell out a word or phrase. For example, the word ‘CAT’ can be made into an acrostic poem as files:

CAT = Cute And Talented

I have composed many acrostic poems and found the experience to be delightful. It is a good way to learn English, too.

Karfie in the garden

While I was working on my laptop, Karfie came and stood on my keyboard . Her paws wrote a word ‘P4E747DYS’. I knew that the combination does not make sense, but we humans can help make the word (by Karfie) a meaningful one. Acrostics can be used to make it happen.

Below is the result of my acrostic effort to turn the code into the text.


P = People will fight
4= for
E = everything Not to get into a new Boing
During the COVID-19 crisis.
You know, no one wants to get

People will fight for everything not to have to get into a new Boeing 747 during the COVID-19 crisis. You know, no one want to get sick.

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