How to integrate elements of English into your classroom

How to integrate elements of English into your classroom

Janpha Thadphoothon

Every teacher has opportunities to use English in his or her classroom. Using English helps develop the students’ self-confidence and ward off their fear of speaking in English. Here are some ideas for Thai school teachers to do when they want to use more English in the classroom. Below are 9 tips of how you can enrich your class with elements of English.

1. Vocabulary Prepare useful and interesting words beforehand and introduce them in the classroom. The concept of ‘One word – one class (OWOC); is helpful. Find/prepare at least one new word for the student. For example, a math teacher may

2. Giving simple instructions In many cases, simple instructions are helpful. Expressions like “Are you ready?” can be effective. Do you have any questions? / Do you understand?

3. Words of Wisdom There are plenty of inspiring words that you can use to add salt your instruction. Proverbs or saying like ‘Time is money’ can be illuminating for your students. You can print it out at the bottom of your handouts.

4. Songs Students love music. Music always works if you know how to use it.  If you can sing or play a musical instrument like a guitar, it’s great. If you can’t, you can use the sings from Youtube.

5. Stretching Activities Students love to walk around and do some active activities. You can ask them to follow your instructions. Ask them to touch their heads, touch their ears, shoulders, etc. This is suitable for all levels.

6. Date and Time As teachers, you can ask the students many questions relating to time and date. You can write on the board the date in both Thai and English. Read the English version to your students every day. They will get used to it.

7. Share your cross-cultural communication experience Share with the students your trip to Singapore or Japan. Let them know that people around the world use English. If you have never been to other countries, read and tell them about it.

8. Go Geography If you have a map in the classroom, you can use it to integrate English. Every classroom should have a world map inside.

9. News and Trendy Vocab New words such as Thailand 4.0 or startup can be introduced to the students.

The key is to be consistent and systematic. Do it every time you meet the students. Soon, they will gain more confidence and start to feel at ease with English. If the teacher uses English, likes the language, they students will imitate their teachers, for sure. It is not too difficult, you can do it.

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