The Five Buddhist Monasteries on Ko Kret Island

If you have been to Ko Kret island, you might have seen several Buddhist temples there. How many of them are there?

Ko Kret Island

I have been to the island. I took many photos there. On the island, there are altogether 5 monasteries. They are as follows:

1. Paramai Yikawat Temple

This is the largest temple on the island.

Wat Paramai Yikawat

2. Chin Plee Temple

About 500 meters from Paramai Yikawat temple, you will see the second monstery called Wat Chim Plee, another significant Buddhist temple.

Wat Chim Plee

3. Salakul Temple

This is the only Thai Buddhist temple on the island.

Wat Salakul

4. Sao Thong Thong Temple

This temple has several unique pagodas. A lot of sacred objects as well as merit-making opportunities, including fish feeding.

5. Pailom Temple

Two giant Hongsa (mystical birds) statues gearing the main ordination hall

A Mon-style temple

Creative Tourism for Sustainable Development

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Green tourism

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