Event Horizon & Reflecting on One’s Past

The past is part of our reality. One looks into the past for many reasons. Sometimes, it is for no obvious reason or motivation. We are always in search for deeper meaning of our lives and existence.

An event that we have created and experienced may or may not stay with us. We can’t hold on to every event in our lives. Essentially, there is the point from which nothing can return. But our memory is still a mystery.

Looking back or thinking forward is sometimes accidental and when that happens or experienced by us, we feel strange and many times, we feel lucky to feel that way, and it is blessing. For one thing, it proves that we are human not materials. We have more than atoms and material construction.



You must be my enemy.

Often, you let me down.

You often bring me pains and suffering.


You are heartless.

Sometimes, you make me cry.

You are cruel, without mercy.


You are my friend.

Sometimes, you bring me joy and laughter.

You bring me strength and hope.


You are following me,

Or I am following you?

You follow me like my shadow.


Who are you?

By Janpha Thadphoothon (12 January 2009)

Form Poems

One of the form poems is a shape poem. A poem that has a shape of a diamond is called a diamante poem, which has seven lines.

Here are some examples:

Anger (1)

Mad, Violent (2)

Burning, Tormenting, Destroying (3)

Fear, Shame, Hostility, Rage (4)

Fighting, Hurting, Killing (3)

Low, Ugly (2)

Darkness (1)


Beautiful, Carefree

Giving, Supporting, Helping

Kindness, Compassion, Unity, Cooperation

Sharing, Caring, Forgiving

Peaceful, Merciful


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