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The aim of this website is to create an online meeting place (online space) between Janpha Thaphoothon (janphadpu@gmail.com), an English teacher in Bangkok, Thailand, and his visitors, followers, and the general public including the global audience. In short, it is Janpha Thadphoothon’s WWW site for language learning, education, and research.

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I love English.

In other words, I am using this site to present myself as an English teacher, researcher, showcasing my selected works and achievements. I also wish to communicate with you the public on many of my academic works, including personal preferences, of course. This is our online meeting place to do many things. I have also created an online store here.

I am a book lover and I enjoy reading and writing stuff.

My interests include reading, writing, and gardening. I also enjoy biking (riding a bicycle slowly) and traveling and learning about different cultures and languages.

I have my YouTube channel called Janpha Channel. You may wish to subscribe to my channel.

By the way, my name is Janpha Thadphoothon. That’s why I name my website www.janpha.com – I am working at the Faculty of Arts, Dhurakij Pundit University in Bangkok, Thailand. Again, www.dpu.ac.th – is my university’s URL

In Japan, January 2019

I would like to make this site an official website for my professional life (official) . Here, you will find out about my academic works, my interests – hobbies as well as creative works.

Please note that I also have other sites showcasing my works and achievements.

Ajarn Toi at https://sites.google.com/site/ajarntoi/

Janpha Blog at http://janpha.blogspot.com/

Janphabooks.wordpress.com at https://janphabooks.wordpress.com/

Janpha Thadphoothon Faceook at

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This site presents news updates from Thailand and around the world. Not only that, it also presents some of the public works (papers or reports)  created by the owner of the website — Janpha Thadphoothon.

The aim is to make it a collection of learning resources for educational purposes. The site should function as an online platform for researchers and teachers, as well as students.

In the 21st century, learning is perpetual, so people can learn everywhere. This site is an example of how we can make good use of the Internet.

Janpha Thadphoothon is a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, Dhurakij Pundit university in Bangkok, Thailand.

His interests include ELT in general, Creative Writing, technology-enhanched language learning (TELL), Cooperative learning (CL), local curriculum development, and language testing.

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